One of the most important and essential components of a quality band program is having many students enrolled in private lessons. While a band director is like a general practitioner in music, a private teacher is a specialized instructor. Studying with a private teacher can exponentially increase a student’s musicianship.

Students taking private lessons almost always score higher in All-County and All-District Auditions, and often sit in the Wind Ensemble. It is one of the most important aspects of the band program!

Private Lessons offered at the following locations:

Separk Music – (336-723-0794)
1325 Lewisville Clemmons Rd, Lewisville, NC 27023

Jackson’s Music – (336-760-9635)
1409 S Stratford Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Upbeat Music Company -
6360 Shallowford Rd, Lewisville, NC 27023

You may also be interested in the Reagan Private Lessons Program. The Reagan Private Lessons Program brings qualified instructors to Reagan High School for private lessons after school. Please contact Mr. Johnston for more information. 

Lessons take place after school hours in the bandroom area. The upside to taking private lessons at Reagan is that students can take the lessons without needing to be transported to another location. The downside is that students may have to wait for other students to have their lesson, and the location of the lesson depends on the availability of the space. However, the positives out way the negatives.


Once the instructor indicates the best time to teach your child will be notified about their beginning date.

Students are expected to pay monthly to ensure that the instructor gets paid for their time if he or she shows to a lesson and the student does not. Once the lessons are established, communication will be between the students/parents and the instructor including communication over conflicts, reschedules, etc,


Please do not contact Mr. Johnston or Mr. Tysor for these contacts. 

Reagan Private Instructors

Katheryn Levy - Flute
Dr. Eileen Young - Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
Rusty Smith - Trumpet
Sean McBride - French Horn 
Greg Dills - Percussion

Other area instructors

Ms. Lissie Okopny - Flute (
Mr. Peter Shanahan - Flute ( 
​Mr. Cory Jones - Oboe (
Mr. Alex Liedtke - Oboe ( 
Mr. Saxton Rose - Bassoon (
Mr. Danny Green - Clarinet (
Mr. W.C. Lanning  - Clarinet ( 

Mr. Charlie Thompson  - Clarinet/Saxophone (
Dr. Eileen Young - Bass Clarinet ( 
Mr. Adam Joiner - Saxophone ( 
Mr. Brandon Noftle - Saxophone ( 
Mr. Karl Kassner - Trumpet ( 
Mr. Jay Meachum - Trumpet & Improvisation ( 
Dr. Wayne Bennett - Trumpet (
​Dr. Drew Phillips - French Horn/Brass ( )
Ms. Sonja Guthrie - French Horn (
Mr. Keith Grush - French Horn (
Mrs. Mary Kate Bowman Choat - Trombone ( 
Mr. Justin McCrary - Trombone (  
Dr. Brent Harvey - Baritone & Tuba (  
Mr. Colin Choat - Percussion ( 
Mr. Justin McConchie - Percussion ( 
Mr. Greg Dills - Percussion (