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Thank you for considering our 2 types of sponsorships, Booster & Corporate, each with multiple incentive tiers. See the charts below.


Corporate Sponsors: The deadline for logos to appear on the show shirts and band trailers has passed for the 2022 season. We'd love to include you in other ways, so please contact us for options for the rest of this year!



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Click the "JOIN HERE" button to sign up and pay through our website, and for Corporate Sponsors to upload your logo.



Downloadable PDF Information Packets for

Conductor's Circle and Corporate Sponsors


Reagan Band Sponsorship Chart, Booster



Reagan Band Sponsorship Chart, Corporate

      * Deadline for having logo on shirts & trailers for the 2022-2023 season is August 15, 2022 *


BOR Band Trailer with Johnston and Tysor 2021

BOR show shirt examples, 2022 front, 2021 back








Here are examples of show shirts: the front of the 2022 shirt with the current theme "Once in a Blue Moon," and the back of the 2021 shirt with the logos of our Corporate Sponsors.


Ordering for the 2022 show shirts is closed. We will have limited extras available. Please inquire the week of September 19.




In whatever way you to choose to show your support for the Band of Raiders, we appreciate you!








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Many thanks to all of our sponsors! If you would like more information on how to become a sponsor or have any questions, please reach out to us at